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The Wacky Ducky.
Being a wacky Ducky, strolling around the ledge,
  Watching the water; snacky, walking on the edge.

Being so very eloquent, yapping my quack quack quack.
  Really magniloquent, hearing cheers from the claque.

There you came paddling, my ducky-heart stopped it's beat.
  Join in; you were singing, you being so cute and neat.

I felt the water with my foot, scared; it could be cold as ice.
  Would you believe a tenderfoot, it was so very warm and nice.

I shared with you; a hot bath, the beginning of a true friendship.
  Not knowing what was in my path, leading to much more than kinship.

I am; just an ordinary Ducky, who said; I will never care.
  How could I be so lucky, and find; true love that is so rare.

You are so wonderful to me; my dove, even though I am quite wacky.
  You make me very happy; my love, to be your own and special Ducky.

  Written the 29th of November 1997 - To my beloved woman, Sue.


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