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What is a rose
    if not a mere
        reflection of your
            inner beauty.

            What is a thunderstorm
                if not a shadow
                    of your strong will
                        and determination.

                        What is a snowfall
                            if not a mirroring
                                of your rippling laugher
                                    and joy.

                                    What is a spring day
                                        if not a image
                                            of your passion
                                                and love.

                                                What is a life without her
                                                    if not a futile search
                                                        of a meaningful life
                                                            and love.

                                                            What is a life with her
                                                                if not a sensation
                                                                    of happiness, passion
                                                                        and true love.
                                                                            I love you Sue.

  Written the 19th of April 1997 - To Sue.

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