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A Testimony of my Love.
Like leaves being whirled around in the wind,
  thrown back and fort without will.
So elusive and hard to grasp,
  like sand streaming between my fingers.

Without you I'm nothing,
  with you I can be anything.
To be the best of friends,
  feeling your love and care.

Looking into your eyes, knowing,
  no words needs to be spoken.
Loving you gives me strength,
  sharing everything, nothing held back.

Holding you so tight in my arms,
  kissing you softly and tender.
Feeling your soft hair between my fingers,
  tasting sweet love from your lips.

I move your gentle hand to my chest,
  so that you can feel my pounding heart.
Every day I give you a sign of my love,
  so that you know I'm always yours,

  Written during the spring of  1997.

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