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                      Different Seasons - Page (2)

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Bitter-Cold Winds.

A lonely eagle, flying high above the city roofs.
    Challenging the violent bitter-cold winds,
    not able to return to it's nest.

Strong winds erasing drawings in the sand.
    A big heart, two names, set for a future.
    Nothing is eternal, we only last for a second.

Dark clouds, strong winds, all filled with saddened voices.
    Grey skies filled with damped sorrow.
    Cold rain hurting unprotected soil.

Rain drops, trickeling, slowly streaming down the window.
    Earth being drowned by flooding water, suffocating.
    A resisting rose trampled down into black mud.

The sun will always come back, bringing another day.
    Never giving up, always trying, growing.
    The rose finally becoming a flower.


  Written in April 1997.

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