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                      Different Seasons - Page (6)

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Can Friendship Reach beyond the Vaults of Time?

Stones chosen by their inner beauty, merged together in full harmony.
    Together we build with them and that deepens our friendship.
    Bridging over the cold, the water that keeps us apart.

Violent water, threatening to destroy the bounds that holds us together.
    Roaring, turning and twisting, but without success because,
    every stone is carefully welded together with love.

As time passes by, we add stone after stone, growing as friends.
    Supporting each other in times of devastating pressure.
    Relying on the sturdiness of true and solid friendship.

Even if it one day should fall apart crushed by evil forces.
    Destroyed by beasts without heart, love, care and devotion,
    we would once again reach out our hands over the dividing water.


  Written the 15th of December 1996 - To Sue.





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