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                      Hearts of Stone - Page (15a)

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Hearts of Stone.
The thunderstorm made the earth tremble.
    I saw the house during a bright flash.
Perhaps someone is there to soften my pain,
    someone that can say the right words.

I have so much sorrow in my heart.

Through the window I can see a candle light,
    something warm that stands out from the dark.
I knock on the door with little hope,
    waiting anxiously for someone to open the door.

But in vain, no one opens the door, to my heart.

I walk towards the centre of the room,
    only too see that there is no one here.
Nothing here besides a flickering light,
    which cannot illuminate the thick darkness.

The flickering light can not illuminate my heart.

Outside I can hear the wind roar,
    threatening to break the house apart.
I can hear the wooden made walls creak,
    but I alone, am here, to hear, their moan.

The noise can't drown the groan, from my heart.

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