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                    In the Shadow Zone - Page (1b)

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Anticipation (continued).
Holding your mountains in my trembling hands.
Rock hard peaks sends thrills through my mind.
My lips kissing and following every lovely line.
My tongue tasting sweet honey from your a rift.

My tongue finds a rosebud that wants to blossom.
I help it to grow through loving care and caressing.
A cry of pleasure announce that it has bloomed.
Wonderful music for my ears that makes me happy.

I feel your wonderful warm body tight against mine.
Our fingers twinned together, kissing each other.
Hardness meeting softness and becomes firmly enclosed.
An ancient rhythm, from slow and gentle to fast and hard.

Sighs of passion and yearn for more intense pleasure.
Hands exploring, caressing, holding to get further in.
Heavy breathing and racing hearts all reaches to an end.
My universe explodes and your name is on my lips.

Holding each other without a want to ever let go.
Feeling the warmth from a wonderful woman who I love.
Sharing and dreaming, being in each others thoughts.
To fall asleep in each others arms, together as one.

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