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                    In the Shadow Zone - Page (3)

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A Princess, not from heritage or been given a title.
  No, because you have a wonderful loving heart.

A Princess in beauty, dressed, not in shiny armour,
  but in a gorgeous, emerald-green beauty.

What an amazing sight for my eager eyes.
  My eyes, wandering, up her amazing body.

My gaze, caressing your long lovely legs,
  following, the shape of your wonderful thighs.

It got stuck, when watching, your well-shaped breasts.
  Oh, want to touch, caress, to stretch out my hands.
I dwell, watching, your sweet sensual lips.
  Only, to be cought, by your enchanting green eyes.
  My face blush, when I know, that I got cought, watching.

You give me, a warm gaze, from green sparkling eyes,
  so wonderful, I want to drown, in those eyes forever.

You blew me, a kiss, and left me to wish,
  for a daring, sweet kiss, from those sensual lips.

A gentle touch, caressing my face, left me longing,
  for me, to slide my hands, along your striking beauty.
  wanting to hold you, so very tight in my arms.

  Written the 19th of November 1997.

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