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Moments of Love.
I want to be near you, so very close,
  hold you, feel you, to touch you,
    to see into your lovely green eyes,
      to smell you and feel your warm breath,
        giving you a kiss of love and feel the thrill.

I would want to take long strawls in your company,
  hand in hand electric feelings passing between us,
    feeling the warmth from your body,
      hearing you lovely voice and laughter,
        always listening to your words filled with joy.

I would like to take you out for dinner,
  you dressed up looking oh so wonderful,
    giving me smiles that makes me so happy,
      our silent language not heard by anyone else,
        enjoying life, sharing, teasing, giving and taking.

I would like to make love with you,
  giving you soft kisses, holding you in my arms,
    to gently caress you and kiss you all over,
      to touch you, feel you, excite you, be deep in you,
        to fall asleep in your arms or you in mine.

I want you to wake up feeling wonderfull,
  with my arm tight around you,
    me wishpering sweet words into your ear,
      with a red rose on the pillow beside you,
        and to find a poem telling you, how much I love you.

  Written the 22nd of March 1997 - Where my heart lives.

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