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To Sue my Love.
A bird flying high into the air,
  it's like sharing a moment with Sue,
    flying away with her dreams and thoughts.

A rose so beautiful growing near by in the grass,
  it's beuaty is a mere shadow of Sue's,
    her inner and outer being is oh so lovely.

A glittering river floating silently below,
  it's like Sue's undless patience and will,
    seeing beauty where no one else has or will.

I love you without bounds,
  my heart is yours, the key is given and taken.

I love you till the end of my days,
  my only sorrow is that it took me so long to find you.

I love you so much Sue...
  more than you ever know...
    more than you ever understand...
      I think you know that I belong to you...
        I will love you always.

  Written during the spring of  1997 - To my love.

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