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                          Butterfly - Page (6)

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You found me interesting, said you loved to hear me talk.
  You are my beloved friend whom I never want to leave.

You gave me your heart and told me you love me.
  You are me sunshine that fills my body with warmth.

I listens to your gentle voice, don't ever want you to stop.
  In my world painful silence destroyed all dreams.
    Now I just want to share your dreams, to have a place in your life.

I never realized that life could be like this.
  I had found ache and pain because I was alone in a dark world,
    Now I feel another ache and pain wanting to be at your side.

In world without colors, filled with shadows, I was freezing cold.
  My love to you has given me new eyes to see with, I have found new dreams.
    Your love touched my heart and I have made a choice,
      I want to belong to you as long as I live,
        always telling you that I love you so much.

  Written during the spring of  1997.


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