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Moments Lost in Time.

Bright sunshine full of warmth and life, freeing us from a kingdom of death.
  Slowly but with reassuring strength it liberates us from our shackles of ice.
  No shadows that darken our minds, only nature touched by gentle hands of light.

Clear sky and cold refreshing air, all painted in deep blue colors.
  Winds full of fun playing with leaves from a long gone time.
  No clouds that overshadow our minds, only nature awakening from a deep sleep.

A wild flower struggling alone to stay alive, showing hope to a new world.
  Not knowing the future that awaits it still following the path of life.
  No doubts that weighs down our minds, only nature being born again.

A lonely swallow flying high above, returning to a well known place.
  Not knowing why it returned, just an ancient song calling it home.
  No sorrows that gives sadness in our minds, only nature being alive again.


  Written the 17th of December 1996 - To Sue.



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