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A Farewell to Life.

I'm standing on the old bridge.
    it has seen many lives and fates.

The moon is shining on the cold black water,
    but it's oily surface does not give any reflection.

If one listens carefully you can hear whispers and sighs,
    tragic stories and pain chained in the deep.

I can hear the cold black water calling.
    I feel that I have stepped beyond a fatal point.

It tells me to give it my life.
    In return it will put and end to my suffering.

It says that it will give me a final cold hug.
    Not a hug of life, a hug of forgetfulness.

It whispers that no one will miss you.
    I no longer have to feel that I have no friends.

It admits that it's not able to give me any love.
    But I have never felt any true love anyway.

It promises me the final solution.
    A kiss of death that will give me peace.

I take a long look at the tranquile water,
    it doesn't seem so cold anymore.

Written during the fall of 1996.

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