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                      Hearts of Stone - Page (7)

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To a Caring Friend.
I was lost fumbling in darkness,
    almost killed by the loneliness.
    You helped me to find a way out.

I lost my grip of life,
    lost my balance over a deep abyss.
    You reached me your hand.

In my deep despair,
    I sent farewell letters.
    You refused to let go.

I was miserable,
    I needed a true friend.
    You said that you would always be there.

I needed to talk,
    to unburden my heart,
    you listened and understood.

I realised that I had found,
  a friend that would be there,
 a true friend, forever.

I rejoice in my heart.
    Now my only wish is,
    that I could do the same for you.
Written during the fall of 1996 - To Sue.

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