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                    In the Shadow Zone - Page (1a)

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The Sun descended below the edge of the world.
The end of a day, the beginning on something new.
Stars spread like strings of beads over the sky.
Warm light sparkles and glimmer in lovely green eyes.

Our moon so bright and happy above us.
It's silver paths of light shows us the way.
Hand in hand we walk through the night.
Your hair, touched by my thoughts and the wind.

A place of tranquillity, care, love and passion.
Your rippling laughter fill the world with joy.
Promises of love silenced when lips meets lips.
Woves exchanged when our hearts beats as one.

Your scent is mysterious and seductive.
I want to hold you in my arms, to embrace you.
Though you are my best friend, I want so much more.
I give you a shy kiss on the side of your neck.

Holding you so tight, feeling you so close to me.
Hands sliding along your back, gentle, exploring.
Hearts racing, eyes meeting eyes, lips meeting lips.
Kissing each other in love, one in mind and thought.

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