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                      Hearts of Stone - Page (15d)

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Hearts of Stone (continued).
But all things has an end,
    I was suddenly filled with a new feelings,
desperate and not knowing what to do.
    Being thrown up and down, like in a roller coaster,
    no control, carried like drift-wood by high waves.

Suddenly scared and in deepest despair,
    I tried to cut loose of all ties.
I told the people I cared for,
    to stop caring and to forget me.
    I denied any sign of a crack in my heart of stone.

You said that you wouldn't let go
    arguing about why you are my friend.
Old sorrows now diminished,
    I was happy that I found a true friend,
    for a moment I had found a new joy in heart.

I had found new hope and tore down my walls,
    I was hoping that you would come back.
You had promised that you would,
    with the mornings first, tentative ray of sunshine.

  Written the 10th of November 1996 - To Sue, my very best friend.

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