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                      Hearts of Stone - Page (15c)

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Hearts of Stone (continued).
The night is now less dark,
    a new found silver light shines upon me.
The moon is full, clear and bright,
    I try to grasp it's silvery beams,
    but its cold light only makes me freezing.

Then you came with a light as a burning star,
    your light gave me hope and joy.
I thought that I only knew darkness,
    how wrong I was, how little I knew.
    a new found hope was now lit in my lonely heart.

You told me sad stories,
    we shared pain from the deep of hearth.
Perhaps I had found a person who,
    could be, a true friend,
    I opened my heart.

The storm ended and the light of dawn,
    chased away the last shadows of night.
A greyish light filled the world,
    cold, unfriendly and filled with sorrow,
    Perhaps this change will lead to something better.

The first bright light of sunshine,
    wiped away the remaining fog fear.
I stood by the river and watched,
    how the ray of sun made the water shimmer.
    Perhaps I would find a place of tranquillity.

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