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                      Hearts of Stone - Page (15b)

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Hearts of Stone (continued).
The violent storm grows even stronger,
    a sudden burst struck the window open.
The candle light flickered and died.
    Not able to withstand the power in the wind.

The candle light died, as did my heart, alone in the dark.

I start to scream, trying my best to cry louder than the storm,
    but only learns the truth about, the meaningless in trying.
Now I learned that I have to become harder,
    less able to feel at all.

To save myself I must create a heart of stone.

I burst out through the door,
    challenging the wild storm.
I curse the rain and the strong wind,
    struggling to find a way out.

Now more lost, than ever.

A lesson I had learned,
    that this world is not for me.
But this is something that I have to do,
    walking lonely along the path of life.

Even though it is a path of darkness.

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